Interview with Ricky Rojas, Director of “Charlotte’s Web”

Before performances began for “Charlotte’s Web”, we checked in with the Director, Ricky Rojas, to ask him about the show.

Question 1: Why did you want to direct this show?

Back in 2020 I was approached by Stacy Bakri, previous Artistic Director, and asked if I was interested in directing. I very much was and didn’t have any expectations on what show. Stacy then pitched the idea of Charlottes Web, which was one of my childhood movies that played on repeat. I remember distinctly that Stacy made the comment that out of all the productions Company Onstage; that none of them had ever made her cry and she issued that challenge to me. I think we’ve found great moments within this production to aim for that but really I discovered I’d like to focus on something that warms your heart and not tear it apart.

Question 2: How would you describe your vision for this production?

One of my gripes with young audience shows within community theatres is the minimalist approach to them. I wanted to push those limits and add as much production value as I could with the very limited budget I was constrained in. I can say for sure that I blew that budget quickly and had to get resourceful with what I could do. I believe this production has a great balance of talent on stage with a set and tech design to back it up.

Question 3: How has the rehearsal process been for this show? What has been exciting? What has been challenging?

With the young audience shows we are not given as much rehearsal time as the adult audiences show. So maximizing our efforts in the time restraints was key. Along with not receiving the support we needed for certain elements for the show a lot of the burden landed back onto my shoulders and had to put in several late nights trying to make my vision come to fruition.

Question 4: What has been your favorite moment so far?

With a light hearted show like this and with such varying characters we had several opportunities to play and be silly throughout the rehearsals process. It was refreshing to be able to create that kind of environment for my actors to allow them to make choices and not hold back.

Question 5: What should the audience be excited about seeing or experiencing at your show?

Charlottes Web is suitable for all ages and is a perfect family outing. It is a beautiful and enchanting production that will leave you with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.